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How To Market A New Development

There’s no question about the importance of marketing and branding but the execution of these initiatives is where the real challenge begins.


This guide will highlight several essential practices; though, not fully comprehensive, it will provide a fundamental framework to help developers achieve higher sales numbers, faster sales velocity, and a better overall experience for customers.

Marketing begins much earlier than most developers typically realize. The “campaign” originates with the product and a high-quality user experience. We’ll discuss how to create that product and experience in a future installment but it’s important to note that marketing can’t make up for these pillars – in other words, a new development must deliver on its promises in order for marketing to be effective.

The foundations of a successful marketing campaign – ignoring the obvious basics as well as anything considered branding – are as follows:

  1. Create a unique product (we can’t stress enough the value of being unique)
  2. Craft a compelling user experience and be prepared to tell that story
  3. Assemble outstanding collateral (renderings, 3D animation/tours, video content, photography, etc)
  • For example, Evolution Virtual ( is an excellent source of inspiration
  • When combined with a sales/leasing solution, this collateral becomes a powerful tool for showcasing a project and driving customers through the sales/leasing process

4. Use an AI-powered CRM

  • Funnel ( is an excellent example of a real-estate-specific CRM
  • AI can automate responses to interested clients, increasing efficiency and velocity
  • It can also auto-generate user profiles which makes it easy to send targeted follow-ups and build out further automation

5. Hire a top-notch PR and Digital marketing firm

  • Publicity and paid ads are one of the biggest drivers of leads and project awareness. PPC and social ads are among some of the most successful digital marketing campaigns

6. Throw events and/or activations

7. Invest more than you think into social media

8. “Overspend” on Streeteasy

  • Don’t underestimate the power and market share dominance of Streeteasy. Spend money to get maximum exposure on the platform

While there are many more considerations that contribute to an optimal marketing campaign, the above are some helpful tips that developers and brokerages tend to overlook. To understand the full scope and work with an experienced team that continues to set new rent records, contact us anytime!

In case you didn’t know, the Charney brokerage team is taking on new clients for high-level consulting, marketing, sales, and leasing. To schedule a meeting to discuss an upcoming project, click here:

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